Album tracklisting

1. Beautiful To Watch 
2. The Illness 
3. Passchendaele 
4. The Curse of Saul 
5. Alice 
6. Good Life Salesman 
7. Violent Man Lovesong 
8. The Last Day 
9. Walk With Me 
10. Leni 
11. Turn It Back 
12. Start/Stop

July the 30th remember kids!!!

The only one I haven't heard is Violent Man Lovesong. Mm nice...
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Manchester, Vice Tour (15/03/07)

So the gig w/Noisettes, Fear Of Flying and Assembly Now was grrrrrreat. I didn't know I was going til the verrrrrrrrrrrrry last minute! Hehe

JP dedicated Passchendaele to me which caught me totally by suprise and I really did think I'd dreamt it hehe but it did happen apparently!!
Max gave me a little nod of recgonition at the beginning of Walk With Me XD
Got my third GoodBooks setlist as well, didn't get it signed cos I think they were all too pissed out of their heads =]
They played:
Walk With Me
The Illness
Beautiful To Watch
Turn It Back

I don't know why they don't do The Curse Of Saul or Start/Stop =[
No pictures cos my camera's somewhere out there in England getting fixed sorry! :/
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I Will Love Her From The Grave

GoodBooks were ace in Preston on Monday. I love them more and more everytime I see them =]

Got in for free which was helpful. Got one of their snazzy collage tees.

Collapse )

How are we all?
Excited for next single? Rumoured to be Passchendaele.....

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